5 Tips to Getting the World’s Best Tattoo

5 Tips to Getting the World’s Best Tattoo
When getting a tattoo, you should as far as your concerned, aim to get world’s best tattoos because if you believe to the best, then your passion and love will always shine through. However this may not prove to be as easy as it sounds. As you may or may not know, having a piece of art permanently embedded into your skin is a contribution to Your future. This is why you’ll want to choose wisely when it comes to picking out a design and we’ll go through some tips on making sure you get yourself the worlds best tattoos.
1. Analyze Your Undeniable Interests
This might seem odd to consider but trust me when I say that this is crucial when it comes to figuring out tattoo designs and styles.

Sit yourself down and seriously concentrate on the things that are most important in your life. Write it out if necessary to get your thoughts out. We all consider ourselves unique individuals, well, because we are so getting something true to your interests and personality is extremely important. Think big and go for a tattoo that will involve all your passions, hobbies, etc into one design. This will likely be the basis for a tattoo that you’ll perceive as the worlds best, which will be a great conversation piece that will convey your personality.

2. Time to Decide on a Design
When you have already chosen or even written down all the personality traits you want to be incorporated into the tattoo design, then it’s now time to sift through as many design galleries as you can to find something that you believe is your absolute best representation. Even if your vision is unorthodox, I still recommend starting out with a basic design that you can elaborate on. Once you’ve chosen a design that you feel describes you best, take a long good look at it and figure out whether or not you believe it needs modifications to best suit your needs. Never feel obligated to settle on a design. Talk to your Artist to see if they can better translate what you’re trying to convey through the design.

3. Quest for The Best
NEVER confide in just any tattoo artist to carry out your masterpiece. Take your time and ask around to find the best artist. The game isn’t over once you believe you’ve located the right artist. You will have to ask a few questions to try to get to know him/her better. Do you and your parlor keep a hygienic work environment? May I see a portfolio of work you have previously preformed? Now Ask Yourself…. Do I feel content with this particular artist? Have I personally heard positive testimonials by others who have used their service? Note that any talented artist should be willing and open to compromise and doesn’t attempt to convince you of a simpler design. Only inexperienced artists lacking skill and certainty will attempt to convince you of a basic design.

4. Don’t Let Pricing Convince You
Usually the lowest tattoo artists demand the lowest in quality. If effect you will be getting exactly what you pay for so stop worrying about the pricing since this will be permanently embedded in your skin. So don’t think twice about getting the very best. There are so many factors in getting a tattoo and with hygiene being one of the most important ones, you would want to be sacrificing for the sake of price. Generally, the most expensive tattoo artists have a good reason for charging a premium rate.

5. I Love My New Tattoo But What Now?
Most people don’t realize that getting a tattoo involves aftercare in order to ensure a life long design. However, there are a few very important basic guidelines to follow. Once the session is over, keep the dressing that they applied for at least two hours. Don’t hesitate to ask if your artist hasn’t yet utilized the dressing. The dressing will help in healing the skin and in turn your skin will do a much better job of sealing in the ink. It is VERY important that you do not pick away the scab that forms over your new tattoo. It may take a week or two for the scab to fall off naturally. It may seem strange but trust me, you will notice some colors fall off quicker than others.
Whether you’re a veteran or just planning on your first tattoo, if you follow the guidelines here I’m positive that you will be absolutely satisfied with your new tattoo. So you’re now ready to get the Worlds Best Tattoos. Go out there and wear it proudly!
by Adrian Montague
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