How To Increase Your Facebook Chatting Skills ?

Are you a Facebook lover and loves to spend your time on Facebook then you will certainly know that Facebook chat is one of the best and popular feature of Facebook. People love to chat on Facebook whether they connect through mobile, tablet, PC or laptop and whether they are in college, school, home or office.So Facebook chatting is all what Facebookers (I am talking about Facebook freaks here) do all the time.But after a certain time you lacks the topics to talk on Facebook chat and the conversation is about only ‘hi’,'hello’,'what’s up’ no matter how long is the list of your friends.So here is a list of five interesting topics to chat during Facebook chatting.

1. Talk about your crush-It is the most interesting topic and the discussion on this topic will never end. Start with casual things and then take this talk towards new levels by comparing each other’s crushes and point out the positive and negative points about each other’s crush.

2. Talk about your enemy-So you are in a very bad mood and don’t want to chat with anyone and suddenly your best friend’s message comes in the chat box and you can’t ignore it so why not discuss about the your enemy with your friend and dedicate all your bad words (you know what I mean  ) of your bad mood to your friend and I am sure you both will enjoy this conversation.

3. Talk about your future-Yes you are getting bored at present so why not spice it a little by going in the world of imagination and talk about what is going to happen in 5,10 or may in 15 years time (if you are able to survive December 2012  ). This conversation certainly has a tendency to go really long (really really long).

4.Talk about politics-Ok this one is not recommended for everyone but in india politics certainly will always be a hot topic any day of the year and for politics lover,there is no shortage of any masala material and discussion will have all emotion in politics chat from drama to anger.

5.Talk about yourself-Last but not the least never ever forget about yourself,the better the other side person will know about you the more will be discussion.Start sharing your life experience,interests and hobbies and asked about these things from your facebook friend.IF you are able to know everything about each other then the chat will never end and you will have a new things to chat daily.

So life itself is hectic nowadays and everyone has a busy life but almost everyone (including me  ) loves to open Facebook daily for at least 2-3 times and talking to someone you know or you don’t know become very difficult if you don’t have the discussion topic so these topics will certainly give some idea to what to chat on Facebook chat.

I will Like To Include one more tip use facebook Faces during Chating so that it shows that you are good in communication Skills
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