This Week's Looks #1

In our brand new column, we bring you - This Week's Looks, which will be all about what our favorite celebrities decided to wear this week!
Based on the look they chose, we decided to give them points, out of 10!

Let us know if you agree, or just simply share your thoughts with us!

A legújabb rovatunkban - a This Week's Looks-ban, megtalálhatjátok hogy mit viseltek kedvenc sztárjaink ezen a héten!
Úgy döntöttünk, hogy pontozzuk is őket, öltözékük alapján!

Ha egyetértetek, esetleg máshogy gondoljátok, vagy akár csak egy pár gondolatot megosztanátok velünk, ne habozzatok!

Amanda Seyfried -  7/10 
We honestly can't decide if we love this or hate it.
Bar Refaeli - 4/10 
Sorry Bar, we really don't like this outfit! Not to mention, your stomach is showing!
Catherine Zeta Jones - 8/10 
Catherine gets an 8 from us, she definitely bounced back on top, style-wise, and look-wise too!
Demi Moore - 6/10 
Poor Demi is looking so gaunt and skinny these days... this dress really doesn't do any justice for her. Red suits her, but that's about it.
Diane Kruger - 7/10 
Diane is always in fashion, and this all-black look isn't bad either!
Dianna Agron - 9/10 
We absolutely adore Dianna's new short hairdo, and her dress is just as cute!
Emma Roberts - 8/10 
Emma Roberts gets an 8 from us, she would look better in a silver dress, but hey, metallic is in! And so are Peter Pan collars!
Eva Longoria - 8/10 
Eva the diva looks glam as usual, but still not a 10! Sorry!
Fergie - 6/10 
We are used to seeing Fergie in over-the-top outfits, but we just wish she would tone it down a little sometimes...
Freida Pinto - 5/10 
Freida is a gorgeous girl, but this dress does NOTHING for her. Too long, and the fit is terrible... just no.
Jennifer Aniston - 10/10 
Jennifer Aniston once again proves that she's all that in this super low-cut metallic dress! It's a 10!
Jennifer Hudson - 7/10 
This look is ok, but nothing special in our opinions. Kudos to her for losing so much weight though! She's in great shape!
Jessica Alba - 8/10
Jessica is in super shape, especially since she just gave birth to her adorable daughter, Haven Garner, and style-wise she brings her usual form! This look is very suitable for someone who is mother of 2 children!
Kate Bosworth - 5/10
We've never really liked Kate Bosworth's style, it's a bit miss-matched all the time, we just don't get it, so it's a 5 from us.
Katherine Heigl - 6/10
We just really dislike something about the dress, maybe it's the length, or the cut-out mid-section, we're not exactly sure, but it's a 6.
Katie Holmes - 7/10
Katie played it safe this week in this figure-hugging long-sleeved navy dress, which is why she gets a 7!
Kim Kardashian - 7/10, 8/10
Mrs Humphries's stylist overdid her look a bit, too much going on with the hair, the earrings and the bracelets, but it's not that bad afterall.
On her second picture, she gets an 8, the red suits her and the dress totally accentuates her figure! Go Kim!
And finally, probably our favorite look from her this week, the maroon makes her look a bit vamp, but she's glam nevertheless! Love the fishbraid hair.
Kristin Cavallari - 9/10, 5/10
Kristin Cavallari proves that sometimes less... is actually more! I could have imagined a statement chunky necklace with her cream dress, but no worries!
Her other look though, is a weak 5. We hate that thing she's wearing. Not glam at all!
Leighton Meester - 6/10
Our favorite Leigthon unfortunately only gets a 6 from us this time, we don't know what it is about this outfit, but we do know that it's a no-no!
Ashley Olsen - 2/10
Ashley Olsen... what can we say... she gets a 2, for the effort, and a 1 for the outfit. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.
Miranda Kerr - 10/10
Miranda looks sizzlin' in this fuschia Michael Kors gown (and she even matched the background), it's a 10!
Nicole Richie - 10/10, 8/10
Nicole Richie is always glamorous, and her yellow frill dress is just wonderful! It's a YES from us!
Her other gown on the other hand, gets an 8, it's beautiful, but still not a 10!
Olivia Palermo - 6/10
We're tired of seeing Olivia Palermo's boho-chic look, everything is so oversized and baggy, and miss-matched. Sorry Olivia, as much as we love you, it's a 6.
Olivia Wilde - 6/10
We love the red long coat, and the dress isn't that bad either, but with the blue clutch and shoes, we're just not sure about the overall look.
Reese Witherspoon - 7/10 
Reese played it safe this week, and she looks great! We're not so sure about that lace thing though.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - 8/10
Rosie looks super sexy and seductive in this corset-style dress, but we think it's unfortunately not enough for a 10.
Salma Hayek - 4/10 
Salma, what were you thinking?!
Sofia Vergara - 9/10
The gorgeous Sofia looks great, and she proves that you can't go wrong with a little black dress!
Taylor Swift - 9/10
Taylor Swift looks like a real golden girl in this outfit, we love the colour, the cut, the length, everything!
Uma Thurman - 5/10, 5/10
We feel that this red dress does nothing for Uma, it's not terrible, but it's not amazing either.
Her black one-shoulder dress look is also a 5.
Whitney Port - 7/10
Whitney glammed it up for an event in this cobalt blue floor-length gown, but we feel it's not enough for a 10.
Zoe Saldana - 8/10
Zoe is always so chic, and even though she looks casual in this outfit, she looks great!

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