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To better understand the full effect of funny quotes t-shirts, one should break the name down into sections.

What is funny? The word funny can describe a lot of different things such as a joke, maybe someone’s hair first thing in the morning, or the look on a friend’s face when they watch Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video for the first time.

But what about a funny quote? How do you know which one to select? Funny quotes are best when it draws a double-take. When walking down the street wearing “LMAO” if passers-by give you an obvious double take, then you know the shirt has done its job. There is the possibility that not everyone will understand what it means, like your mom or Aunt Vickie for instance, but every so often you will receive that knowing smile and nod of approval, which is oh so satisfying.

You may know what a t-shirt is, but have ye the knowledge of where a t-shirt actually comes from? Interestingly enough, t-shirts derive from what was once known as a Union Suit. These sexy little one-piecers are what folks used back in the day instead of boxers and briefs. Dropping knowledge on you!

I wonder what kinds of looks you would get from people if you walked into Walmart wearing a Union suit instead of a funny quote t-shirt. Hmm... maybe we should consider selling those!

Now that you have more information that you could ever want on funny quotes t-shirts, get out there and search LOLShirts for the best selection of stylish shirts with hilariously funny quotes!

One way I like to beat boredom during races or long runs is to read other runner's shirts. And, of course, it's always more entertaining when they have some funny sayings on their shirts. Here are some funny slogans or running quotes seen on runner's T-shirts.
"Will run for chocolate."
"Running: Cheaper than therapy"
"I overtrain so, I can overeat!"
"Kick assphalt"
"Your pace or mine?"
"Fast girls have good times."
"Does this shirt make my butt look fast?"
"The faster I get there, the faster I can start eating."
"See Dick Run. See Jane Run Faster."
"I bust mine so I can kick yours!"
"Running: Cheaper than plastic surgery."
"Athletes run. Everyone else just plays games."
"Why are all these people following me?"
"Endorphins: Runners' drug of choice"
"If found on ground, please drag to finish line."
"I found my happy pace."
"Pain later"
"One more mile and the cake is history."
Funny quotes on t-shirts are featured along with hilarious tomfoolery. The funny quotes here feature frivolity that will make you fart, laugh and generally explode with excitement. Forget girly-man graphics, funny quotes are where its at, man. If you like funny quotes on t-shirts and silly sayings and supercilious slogans, you have come to the right place, my friend.

B1. Caution Blonde Thinking

B2. I used to jog 5 miles a day. Then I found a short cut.


B4. Use Your Words

B5. Multiple Snoregasms
B6. I Want What I Want
B7. Do Not Resuscitate
B8. Don't Wait! Procrastinate!
B9. When the student is ready, the Bastard appears.
B10. Following My Bliss Pisses Me Off!
B11. Recovering Anal Retentive

B12. Conspiracy Theorist

B13. I Pee on the Toilet Seat!

B14. Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey (which is true in both
mechanics and politics)

B15. How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

B16. Goofballs Rule!

B17. I got a pair of hamsters for my teenage son. I think I made a good trade.

B18. My camoflauge store went belly up because no one could find it.

B19. I would enjoy jogging if it wasn't for those long walks back.

B20. My Roommate's An Idiot

B21. Kids today are spoiled. But nothing a little refrigeration won't cure.

B22. My uncle is a politician. You have to read between the lies.

B23. God is a single parent, too.

B24. INSOMNIA is nothing to lose sleep over.

B25. Chipmunks Who Parachute (conversation starter)

B26. My own mortality will be the Death of me yet.

B27. Don't bother me. I'm trying to rationalize something.

B28. If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, set them on fire.

B29. I Love My Job, I Love My Job, I Love My Job.

B30. Eating Disorder. I can't keep from putting my foot in my mouth.

B31. All The Do Da Day

B32. Riddle: If 4 drivers come to a 4-way stop at exactly the same time, whose turn is it? It's MY TURN!

B33. Irony Poor Blood

B34. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

B35. Shape Shifter

B36. Just because it takes the Jaws of Life to get my wallet open doesn't mean I'm cheap!

B37. Slow Thinkers Keep Right.

B38. It's not what others think of you that counts, it's what you think others think of you that counts.

B39. I fart, therefore I am

B40. Hemorrhoid

B41. I bite the hand that feeds me.

B42. My kid is a pregant honor student

B43. Too Much Reality TV

B44. Slow Service With A Smile

B45. Are We There, Yet?

B46. I Am The Cold Shiver Running Down Your Spine

B47. My Time of the Month, Period.

B48. Rationalize Something Today!

B49. Me So Corny

B50. Humans come in all different states of disrepair

B51. If you can't beat 'em, annoy 'em!

B52. row row row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily
I just have to scream

B53. Guns don't kill people, I kill people.

B54. Woke up from the American Dream

B55. I'm a good habit to get into

B56. Vaseline Alley

B57. Vacuum Cleaners Suck

B58. Doing more harm than good

B59. Programmer Needs Job. Willing To Do Windows.

B60. Intolerance will not be Tolerated!

B61. I'm Not 50. I'm $49.95!

B62. I'm A 'Dogs Playing Poker' Kind Of Guy.

B63. California: Where even the illegal aliens have cell phones.

B64. Warren Terror

B65. huked on fonics reely wurked fer mee

B66. I'm a Local and if you're not - GO AWAY!

B67. Paris Hilton Head

B68. Sometimes I Aim To Please, Other Times I Shoot To Kill

B69. Princess

B70. The Rules Don't Apply To Me

B71. The World Owes Me A Living

B72. Get a life? Where can I download one?

B73. I Pee In The Pool

B74. Not Guilty By Reason Of Celebrity

B75. OY!

B76. Don "Nappy Headed" Ho Receives Hawaiian Punch

Funny quotes on t-shirts are featured so why not buy a whole case for the family? Okay, buy a whole case of t-shirts with funny quotes for the whole extended family. You're family is over-extended as it is? Then just buy a few funny quotes t-shirts for yourself.

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Hear what the eggheads are saying about funny quotes on t-shirts:

"I love the funny quotes you find on these t-shirts! I also peed my pants when I read some of the funny quotes here. What I did instead, though is when I read some of the funny quotes, I had this little mini-vomit come up my throat and into the back of my mouth. Well, that wasn't pleasant, but it was better than it coming up through my nose!"

- Albert Einstein

"Funny quotes, schmunny quotes, you didn't make me laugh! I was expecting more from this self-proclaimed, all-inclusive funny quotes website. I read through all of the funny quotes and didn't even get a giggle from this place. Not a chuckle, not a guffaw, nary even a chortle passed my lips. These funny quotes suck!"

- Osama Bin Laden

"You kids got the right idea with this funny quotes on t-shirts site! I love this place. Every sentence I read, I exploded with laughter. I would read a few funny quotes and explode. I'd read a few more funny quotes and explode again. I bought a case full of t-shirts with funny quotes on them to clean up the mess of me exploding all the time. This spontaneous combustion stuff gets pretty messy!"
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
Funny Quotes On t Shirts
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